Friday, December 31, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 31 :-)

My Theme Song for 2011 is Jill Scott's "Golden"...couldn't think of any other song that sums me up like this. My Theme Word for 2011 is "Rule Breaker". 2011 is the year to step out of what societal norms would have me do but live in exact accordance with my values/goals/desires.

It has been grand ladies...Cheers to us!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 30 is already Day 30!!! I'm so excited about the prospect of a new year and a new decade. This Reset was perfectly timed for me and is exactly what I needed to catapult into 2011 illuminating all that is me.

Make 10 Personal Commitments

1.Resolve to keep pressing for growth and a deeper awakening
2.Make Health and Fitness a priority by exercising, stretching, meditating, eating whole foods, meeting with a therapist regularly and loving
3.Move in sync with the universe even if this means doing something unpopular, uncomfortable or unplanned
4.Laugh often
6.Regularly take stock of my propensity to complain and counter the negativity with positivity
8.Stay balanced in all areas of my life
9.Surround myself with people who uplift me
10.Stay determined to never give up

Reset Your Life Day 29

Let Go of the Past

**In Progress**

I got a good list started but unfortunately the majority of my day was spent stuck in traffic and then stuck at the airport :-/ After a major thunderstorm in Houston I finally landed in Atlanta at 11pm yesterday. Please excuse me while I catch up.

Details coming soon..

Reset Your Life Day 28

Write a Love Letter to 2010

Dear 2010,

When we met I was apprehensive, afraid even about what our encounter would bring. You met me at a place where I was weak and unsure hoping beyond hope that this time would be different. I trusted you and slowly you introduced me to a deeper level of awakening. After studying Buddhist at the monastery and reading books like "New Earth" my perspective shifted. As I became stronger I finally let the love of my life in and we made things official moving our relationship to the next level. During the warm, balmy summer days you spoke to me about my life, my fears, my goals. We both knew my time had come and I could no longer live in Michigan, under the thumb of my parents and in a job with little growth potential; there was more. With papi leading the way, we left that job, packed our things and made a home in Georgia. By moving in sync with the universe our love has grown exponentially, doors open effortlessly and I now have a peace that surpasses understanding. You taught me to trust me again. Thank you for your support and honesty. You have served as the catalyst for my next step which is an extension of the work we've done. Forever more you will be the one that made the difference.

Love always,


Monday, December 27, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 27

Start a Side Hustle

I just knew this would be one the assignments :) I'm excited but apprehensive about this all at the same time. I have almost zero entrepreneur skills and lack confidence when it comes to this sort of hustling. Besides I can't think of one skill I have that would justify any exchange of cash. I know I love learning about hair, learning Spanish and possibly coaching people on finding employment. The only issue is I have no formal training doing anyone's hair other than my own, I'm not fluent in Spanish and job coaching is only something I thought might be fun. I was thrilled to find out Rosetta would have a webinar to discuss the side hustle but unfortunately I'll be traveling at the time :( Hopefully there will a chance to check it out later. More details to come on the hustle...

Reset Your Life Day 26

Reflect, Comment, Connect

This week with traveling, holidays, partying etc I haven't had the time or access to really blog like I have been but I've still completed the assignments..yippee!! And a big shout out to all the ladies who have been on this journey with me and ready to Reset for 2011 :)

The assignment I've found the most rewarding this week was "Don't complain for 24 hours". As I stated before I enjoy any chance to see the me I project to the world because this is the only way I can make myself better. Knowing that I think of myself as a really upbeat, positive person yet I complained over 30 times in a span of 8 hours was eye-opening.

The assignment I struggled with was purging my life of negative people. Since most of the people I consider the most negative in my inner circle are related to me I have found no good solution to reconciling this. The only fix so far is to "love them from a distance" and keep our time together short and sweet.

Reset Your Life Day 25

Don't complain for 24 hours

How grateful am I for this assignment?? It's funny how you have an idea of who and what you are only to find out that what you project to the world is different. I consider myself a laid-back. happy-go-lucky sort of person but from my notebook I seem like a Debbie Downer. From 8:00am until 3:00pm I made 31 tallies for negative things I had said or thought. Now this is skewed a bit because I am with my family and we tend to nudge each other on in escalating negativity (no bueno) but overall still not a good look. Most things I complained about were incidental and didn't even affect me like the bad weather in New York when I'm all the way in Texas. There was an instance where I mentally turned my nose up at a woman's hair style and had to check myself. In general I need to be more gentle when dealing with everyone even if they will never know my thoughts. These thoughts only serve to poision me and all stem from a deep rooted limiting belief I uncovered-"I'm (or anything I do/say) not good enough". There was a quote I read once that said every person you meet is going through some kind of battle. This quote is what I repeated to myself when I found my mind wandering into negative land.

So how do I fix this? Not sure. I've decided to continue to identify the negative beliefs about myself and continue this assignment throughout the year to keep my true self in my face.

Reset Your Life Day 24

Ask for Help or Offer Help

My Reset Project and overall focus for 2011 is health and fitness. It has been difficult to admit my inability to conquer unhealthy eating habits and the last thing I want to do is inconvienence someone else. Even when attempting to change my diet I would eat like the people around me just to go with the flow. If this meant everyone else wanted McDonalds, I would eat McDonalds not daring to eat a salad and draw attention to myself causing a relentless attack of diet questions..."Are you on a diet?", "How much weight are you trying to lose?" "If you want to lose weight I can get the Spam/Lemonade/Twinkie diet info from my cousin for you" :-/

My previous attempts to lose weight have always been done in secret avoiding any opportunity to be around people and food. This time is different because I'm practily broadcasting my journey and I have finally learned a more important lesson; how to trust myself and those that love me. Namely I asked papi to support me, prop me up when I feel weak, encourage me to make healthy decisions and hold me accountable when I make unhealthy choices.Of course I don't rely completely on him but deciding to tell anyone, let alone ask for help is completely out of character for me but incredibly freeing at the same time.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 23

Find a Community to Support your Goals

The recent assignments (which haven't quite made it to my blog lol) seem to be resonating with several members of the Reset Crew and this one is no exception. Today's exercise is particularly important to me because I'm new to ATL and far from the few supportive family and friends I've known most of my life. I'm eager to hear what other members have to contribute. My major goal for 2011 is to get my health in order and as such I've listed below my favorite fitness spots.

Black Girls
Rox Star Fitness-Youtube channel RoxStarFitness1
Long Hair Care Forum-
Black Woman "DO" Workout!-Facebook page
A Black Girl's Guide to Weightloss-

Please share especially if you are in Georgia. The more the merrier :)

Misfit Note:Goodness these last few days have been busy but productive. Despite it all I'm blessed, living faithfully and truly loved.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 20

Plan your Reset Project

Oh joy! When I started the 31 Day Reset I simultaneously started a fitness routine that I plan to take into the new year. The choice of health/fitness was an obvious one for me since this is the only area of my life that I feel keeps me from enjoying the strides I have made in other areas. My plan is to work out 250 times next year with a mix of cardio and weight training. I also will drink 48-64 oz of water daily, take a daily vitamin and refrain from processed/fast food. I'm already mapping out my "work out" calendar and have a crazy stash of DVDs including INSANITY, Zumba, Slim in 6 and P90X. Since I won't be focusing on my weight in terms of numbers I'm measuring my success by meeting my aforementioned goals, the way my clothes fit, measurements and endurance. The only thing that is weighing heavy on my conscious is returning to work. I have a bad habit of getting completely wrapped up in my work and easily go from 40 hours-workaholic. The hours away from home with the added stress that is inevitable have knocked me off track on more than a few occasions-I'm really concerned about how I will handle this :-?

This month is hopefully setting the foundation for my success in health next year because I have worked out everyday since December 1st, including last week when I was sick as a dog lol The idea is to create the habit. I'm 20 days in and I can tell you if I haven't worked out by noon I honestly start fiending for it..seriously!

Since I have 2 whole followers now *waves hello* I will most likely switch this blog into my health/wellness blog documenting my 2011 journey. So if any other ladies want to follow my journey, chop it up with me about the latest fitness goodies or just encourage each other... I'll be here :)

Reset Your Life Day 19

Get Rid of Stuff You Don't Need

Awww purging is so good for the soul! I have to "declutter" at least weekly or I literally can't function. I always think my surroundings are a reflection of my thoughts. Cluttered home=cluttered thoughts Before I moved this summer I threw all sorts of stuff out any gave away a ton! I had things in my parents house from high school (now over 10 yrs old) lol The thing I did do today was clean out my purse that has a habit of being ridiculously cluttered. I'm also a secret receipt hoarder so I chucked a bunch of 1yr+ receipts.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 18

Spice up your love life

If papi didn't have to work tonight and if I wasn't in and out of my NyQuil induced comas I would so be all over this! Since I probably will not do anything major today I've decided to share one of the most exciting experiences we've had to date in our relationship.

Picture it, it was a warm, balmy summer night LOL...ok,if you aren't a Golden Girls fan you won't get it. Anyway, papi was organizing some stuff on his computer when I spotted a XXX folder saved under his documents. Me being all nosey decided to push him to the side so I could check it out. I then asked him to play one of his favorite porns so I could watch it with him. After his face went from O_o to :), he finally turned it on. So I sat there critiquing the porn all non nonchalantly (oh, her hair is cute; I really like her lingerie, what about you?). About 5 minutes in papi loosened up a bit and actually started talking again! LOL Quickly his attention turned from the movie to me ;) and the rest if history. I think it turned him on to have me in a space generally reserved for guys. It was naughty and gave me some insight into the things he likes. Highly recommended. If you aren't into "traditional porn" there are plenty of DVDs out now that cater to women and are still hot, hot, hot! Check it out.

Reset Your Life Day 17

Find a Good Therapist

Ok I'm late but I did want to pop and share my experience. Last year (when I had insurance lol) I met with a therapist weekly for talk therapy. Now I'm very supportive of seeking therapy but I don't think this form was productive for me. I eventually stopped meeting with her after she fell asleep during one of our session.. HOW RUDE :P From that brief experience I can say in those sessions I finally spoke about things I hadn't revisited for years. There were definitely some powerful moments in talking about these issues but not much healing.

When I finally get some insurance 'round these parts I fully intend to seek therapy again but most likely it will be some sort of cognitive behavioral therapy in combination to talk therapy to help me deal with some bad habits (read: overeating).And I have to say I did a poor job of finding the right therapist for me and just settled on the first one I met with-a huge NO NO. Next time I'll do my due diligence!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 16

Reflect, Comment and Connect

1.What was the most important thing you learned about yourself this week?
The most important thing I've learned this week is from my favorite exercise-getting rid of a limiting belief. Changing my perceived interpretation of things that have happened in my life really has been life changing. Going into a pretty stressful event (I had an interview yesterday) I'm normally overcome with fears stemming from feeling like "I'm not good enough" but this time I reminded myself that this belief was wrong. SN: I felt great in the interview so we will see :)

2.What has been your favorite exercise so far? What did you like about it?
See above

3.Which exercise did you struggle with the most and why?
I struggled with the "Do one thing" exercise. I think with more practice this will become easier especially as I become more confident and firm in who I am.

Ok folks...I've been under the weather for the past few days so I'm going to wrap this post up right here. I'm off to make a few connections then its sleepy time for me again. Ciao

Reset Your Life Day 15

Write your own Eulogy

Yes, Rosetta this is morbid LOL but still a great way to get us to think about what legacy we'll leave. I've been mulling this over since yesterday evening and all I can come up with is "She lived". Nothing more, nothing less. I decided a while ago in order for me to overcome (my fear of) death I have to live. The most flattering thing anyone could say about me is that I never let a moment escape without being present. Encompassed in those two words are hopefully things like she was a great friend, mother, wife, daughter, sister, community member, leader, doer and seeker. I'm not one for big emotional displays and hate long, drawn out ceremonies anyway. No one would have to write out where I was born or who died before me, where I worked, or what fancy titles/degrees I had; just two words.

She Lived

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 14

A Day in the Life...

I awake to see the sun rising through the patio window of my quaint yet modern master bedroom. I snuggle my nose in papi's neck until he wakes up enough to giggle. I dive in for my morning kiss and roll out of bed. I grab my robe and head to the kitchen where I heat some water for tea. Once my tea is ready I sit on the back patio to take in the fullness of the still morning. From there I head to the basement for an invigorating run on my treadmill. After showering and dressing for the day I cop a squat next to papi in the living room and read while he tinkers away at his latest computer project. Around noon a few friends and family join us for lunch as I whip up a meal of fresh fruits, grilled veggies, shrimp po' boys, chicken kabobs, quinoa salad and fresh basil lemonade. We laugh, eat and even dance to a little merengue and salsa before cleaning up. After lunch papi and I go for a walk around our lake and talk about politics, love, old school hip-hop and my hair obsession (this is mostly just me lol). In the evening I take my mentee and a few of my girlfriends to the movies for a comedy and pretty much just act silly. After the movies, we stop for a quick bite from my favorite Ethiopian restaurant and then call it a night. We all end up at our respective destinations safely. I tell papi all about the movie, food and silly girl talk while he rubs my feet. We end the night doing what grown folks do :-) before hitting the pillow.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 13

These are a few of my favorite things...

100 to be exact:
6.The beach
7.Learning Spanish
8.My papi of course
9.My iphone (sans ATT)
10.Natural hair
12.Sleeping in
16.The history channel
18.Long drives
20.Figuring things out
21.Getting all dressed up
23.The quiet hum of our refrigerator
24.Fresh flowers
25.The sweet smell of roses from a fresh bouquet
26.The red dirt hill my great-grandma lived on
27.Bubble gum
30.Crisp apples
31.Making fresh, whole, home-made dinner
33.Taking a nap after a kick butt work out
34.Making new ring tones for my phone
36.Beautiful scenery
37.Being a foodie
38.My grandmother's old sayings
39.My father's sayings
40.The inside jokes I share with my siblings
43.New experiences
45.Hanging out with my little cousins
46.Watching papi do something manly lol
47.Catching the scent of his cologne in unexpected places
48.Finding a quote that "speaks to me"
49.A glass of cold water
50.Having coffee with my parents on their back patio
51.Warming my feet near the fireplace
52.Baking cookies
53.Listening to a Shirley Caesar song while driving down south hahaha
54.My Cabbage Patch doll
55.Peeling the shell from an egg perfectly
57.Stevie Wonder
58.Anita Baker
59.Jill Scott
60.Luther Vandross
61.Reality TV (I know, I know)
62.My favorite pillow
64.Picking apples at the orchard near my grandparent's house
65.When I get my pasta perfectly al dente
66.Finding out I aced a test
67.My doggies
68.Putting together the perfect outfit
69.Rocking my hair au naturale
70.Fresh home-made pizza
71.Finding out my new, sexy heels are actually comfortable
72.Having lunch with my girlfriends
73.The way papi looks when he sleeps
74.Landing safely after a plane ride
75.Arriving safely after a long ride
76.Burying my feet in warm sand on the beach
77.Watching a good movie
78.Listening to the rain fall
79.Find a great new thrifting spot
81.Making snow angels
83.Brown stew gravy
84.My mom's dressing
85.Finding a cool new website
86.Finding a sweet new app
87.Getting a new hair product
88.Washing my car on a warm summer day
89.Riding my bike through my old neighborhood
90.The way papi's head feels after a fresh hair cut
91.Tim Horton's coffee
92.My twitter tweeps
93.Winning a bid on ebay
94.Coming in under budget
95.Taking a great photo
96.Finishing a good book
97.Helping someone help themselves
98.A fresh pedicure
99.Almost anything with garlic on it or in it

Reset Your Life Day 12

Create a Vision Board


Sunday morning (afternoon) I woke up sore, exhausted and with a headache I wish I could attribute to a hangover but its more likely dehydration lol. I shook my groove thang and acted silly well into the wee hours of the night. Sunday evening I was able to muster up enough energy to cut out some pics for my board but that is as far as I got. Well I put this assignment off for a day to only have the inevitable happen...

Day 13. I was informed this morning I have been chosen to proceed to the second interview for a job I really want *james brown splits*! Needless to say I'm almost completely immersed in the preparation process for this interview and have decided I will hold off on Day 12's assignment until at least Wednesday. This board is important to me and I want it to get my FULL attention. I'll peak my head in a much as possible over the next couple of days but otherwise...pray for me y'all! :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Now watch me work..

Yeah this is pretty much how I'll be's been a while lol

Reset Your Life Day 11

Eliminate a Limiting Belief

This will be a quick post, I have a holiday party to attend tonight and I want to look DYNAMITE! LOL

So this morning I signed up for the free program with Marty Lefkoe and decided to work on the belief "I'm not good enough". I thought the video was short, sweet and life changing. On some level I had already discovered on my own some of his principles yet hadn't brought them all full circle. This video allowed me to "connect the dots" and gain some confirmation on beliefs I had. This however was the first time I thought about my life in this way.

If you haven't completed this assignment I highly recommend you do so. Even though these assignments build on one another, if I had to suggest just one assignment so far this would be it.

Enjoy your evening folks...I plan to :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 10

The Bucket List

I was excited to find out today's assignment was The Bucket List because I've always thought this would be fun! Check it out:

1.Travel to Thailand
2.Visit, and if allowed, stay at a Buddhist monastery
3.Visit British Columbia
4.Visit Quebec
5.Learn to speak Spanish and Mandarin fluently
6.Learn to cornrow
7.Live on a Caribbean Island
8.Travel to Europe
9.Learn to salsa dance
10.Create videos for my family and friends
11.Solidify my will and create trust funds for my favorite charities
12.Make peace with my parents
13.Finally have a "real" wedding lol
14.Visit Panama

Reviewing my "Bucket List" makes me rethink all my previous work on my values and Life Narrative. Given a 6 months timeline, all I could think was traveling and fully immersing myself God's creation.Everything else fell away-money, cars, homes even children.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 9


How did I know this was going to happen eventually-ACTION.

Today we were asked to complete one action that 1. Something we have been procrastinating about for a long time 2. Something that terrifies you 3. Something that inspires you.

I decided to reach out to a women I met a few weeks ago at a natural hair meet-up. She is very friendly, very hospitable, we share a lot in common and she has already invited me to various parties, concerts and events with her and her girlfriends. The issue, I have a very difficult time forming friendships and making connections with new people in general. I suppose you could say I'm shy but I'm also very aware of my social ineptness. She always makes it a point to invite me out when she is going out but I have not returned the favor mostly because I dread even the thought of a possible sounding like a dork during a phone call/night out. So today, I called her to discuss hair of course :) and the next natural hair meet-up. So how did it go??

It was..ok. The call did have a few pauses that were awkwardly lengthy and I stumbled over a few words but it felt good knowing I'm moving in the right direction. It may seem small but in my world this is a big step for me :) I'm proud of myself LOL

Reset Your Life Day 8


Okay, I was out of commission on Day 8 but I'm back at it again!

The assignment for day 8 was to "Reflect, Comment and Connect". My answers are below:

* What was the most important thing you learned about yourself this week?
* What has been your favorite exercise so far?
* Which exercise did you struggle with the most and why?

1. The most important thing I've learned about myself this week is that I honestly know that I am and have everything I need to be everything I want.

2. My favorite exercise has also been the hardest for me-Day 7 Life Narrative. This was the first time I've actually put to paper those things I've kept to myself for years. I was never the "it" girl by any stretch of the imagination (e.g. the misfit) and for all intents and purposes I'm still not her. And for that reason I never felt worthy of dreaming, wanting or desiring more than what I felt was "appropriate" for a person like me. With this exercise I actually dared to dream.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 7

Life Narrative "Aha" Moment

This exercise was something I would have never done otherwise. It's almost silly for me to write this in my cramped apartment, my neighbor's salsa music banging under my feet and Papi knocked out on the couch beside me from working 3rd and 1st shifts back to back. I mean, the life I described is a far cry from my current situation, so the thought crosses my mind to not even risk it. Almost like I'm afraid I might jinx myself if I actually put on paper things I have held secretly in my heart for so long. What will people who know me say about my "big" dreams (it's always the ones that THINK they know you)? They may poke, prod and crush my dreams before they even take root in my spirit. So, I daydream about what could be being careful not to dream too large fearing I might actually start believing myself. What if I accomplish something no one ever expected of me... then what? Will this set a standard I can't live up to?

Well this time I threw all these thoughts to the wind and wrote from the depths of me. All those secret yearnings, missed opportunities and hopes for MY life. Not the life my parents would have me live, not the life my family thinks I should live, not the life my community expects me to live but the life I was meant to live! Inside I found a woman who had been waiting for me. She was warm, beautiful, loving and most importantly FREE.

You were born with GREATNESS...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 6

Life Map

I was actually pretty siked this morning to complete my Life Map. I have to preface these next few sentences by saying that right before Thanksgiving my "Papi" and I completed separate and joint Life Maps. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are married, engaged or in a serious relationship that you and your Boo/Hubby/Papi/Sugarbear (whatever you have) do the same. Without the Life Map I doubt I would have learned that he wanted more *censored* during the week :) or that he couldn't care less if the kitchen was spotless all the time but would prefer I turn some of my cleaning time into cuddle time (yes, he helps around the house but currently I don't work and he has two jobs). For the most part I was pleasantly surprised our separate Maps were similar and consistent with things we had discussed previously. And since the dialogue was so open we spent a good three hours discussing everything which just made our relationship that much sweeter. Long story short, the Life Map has made me a believer!

But I digress....

Today, armed with my newly cemented values and personal mission statement I have a new take on the Life Map. I whipped out my previous map and adjusted accordingly.

*Lifestyle: No big changes here. Still want to travel 2X per year preferably somewhere hot with an nice beach lol. Dates twice weekly, family gatherings at least quarterly and church attendance at least monthly. Also, monthly I want to go to a concert, poetry slam, comedy club, sporting event or park.

*Work: This was hard before and still is. Since my immediate need it just to find employment it is hard for me to envision what I want. However since working on my values, I have a desire to take my finance background to the non-profit arena. This is still a new idea but I think it would give me a level of fulfillment I've never had before. Anyhoo...ultimately I want to be a business owner and a professor.

*Education: This is probably the most defined part of my Map. I've always got a lot of pleasure out of learning so I doubt I'll ever stop wanting more education. Now my major goals are to learn Spanish fluently, finish up my Account Masters and learn as much as I can about naturally curly/kinky/coiled hair (for no other reason than the fact that I'm hair obsessed). Later comes the PhD, on-site archaeology training and language courses in Mandarin. If I have time anywhere in there I would love to take some poetry, painting, yoga and writing course because they all sound fun.

*Finances: Awww...the bell of the ball, Finances. Lets just say daily this is an exercise in my "Abundance, Joy and Spirituality" values. When we get back to dual incomes we have an aggressive, yet balance portfolio for us to tackle. Luckily our debt is minimal so its all about saving. Our goal is financial independence within the next 10-15 years.

*Health: Again no major changes here although my focus has changed a bit. Previously I had these static figures for how much weight I wanted to lose and by what date, time, second...literally LOL Well now the focus is still on weightless but more overall health and things like my endurance, blood pressure and energy levels. As part of my Awareness value I added an "unplug day" per month-no TV, no computer, no iPhone, no extensive phone time.

*Family: As part of my family initiative I have added regular calls, visit and family gatherings. I need to do a better job of consistently reaching out to my family to at least speak. My family situation (at least my side of the family) is a little strained so I added a bullet point about researching how to overcome this.

*Relationships: Ummm...keep the one I got LOL No, seriously I don't ever want to get to the point where I take my Papi for granted. The few friends I have are awesome and the goal is to maintain and enrich these relationships. I did however add a bullet about building more relationships with people in my field.

Alright, that's all I have to give for today hahaha... see you guys tomorrow!

This is your LIFE...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 5

Personal Mission Statement:

"I choose to live a life of joy, love, abundance, health and awareness.Every day a step closer to my ideal.I will grow stronger with each accomplishment, and even stronger with each setback. Fully equipped, wonderfully made with the courage to live authentically. Pressing, pushing, upward, mobile. I will use my talents and experience to leave a legacy of art, spirituality and growth as my service to all the creators of the world. My values and beliefs will be my guide. When I stray from my values I will take the next moment, hour, day to get it right."

Ok, that's all I have for today folks. I definitely want to do some refining but today was BUSY and my bed it calling me now lol. Kudos to all the 100+ ladies (and men) reseting for the future.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 4

Are you acting in accordance with your values??

Whoa, there is nothing like being confronted with what you SAY versus what you DO. Actually I don't mind being called out on my "ish" and if it is coming from a genuine place I encourage it. Well today was one of those days. The goal: on a scale from 1-10 (with 10 being in complete accordance) rate how my actions line-up with my values. Also, the exercise required I list at least three things I am currently doing or could do to ensure my actions and values align. So here goes:

1.Meditation-Keeps my mind from wandering, captures my thoughts
2.Stopped worrying-Focus on present and not what could/ might happen
3.Breathing exercises-Focus on the breath, keeps me from being easily distracted

1.Loving on myself by taking part in this challenge *thumbs up*
2.Refrain from making judgments of other people and/or their lifestyles
3.Verbally and physically express my gratitude for the people, places, things, animals etc. I love and/or have sacrificed for me
4.Keep loving on my hubby :)

1.Remain grateful
2.Expect the best
3.Choose Joy daily

1.Practice minimalism-see the infinite value in every possession
2.Embrace the idea that there is more than enough for everyone
3.Value all things, small or large, entrusted in me

*Health and Wellness-2
1.Keep Stress to minimum
2.Sleep well consistently
3.Drink 64 oz of water daily
4.Stay active
5.Eat a clean diet-as close to the Earth as possible
6.Stay balanced

1.Call/ visit regularly
2.Take care of myself as not to be a burden to anyone
3.Love them

*Disclaimer-my family situation is strained now to say the least. There seems to be so much baggage and "bad blood" that we barely even get together anymore. So I really struggled with this. Any guidance on how to really take hold of this value would be appreciated.

1.Call/ visit regularly
2.Be a friend first
3.Support them when they are down
4.Enjoy life with them

1.Search for my path
3.Be thankful

1.Learn Spanish fluently
2.Complete my master's degree within 4 years
3.Continue learning about hair structure, hair styles, ingredients in hair products
4.Research more about balanced diets, body chemistry and body structure

*Work Ethic
1.Spend time daily working towards my goals
2.Consistently give the best part of me to my independence
3.Work on my inconsistency

Verdict: I could do better. It was fun yesterday to write all these lovely, flowery words detailing my values but lordamercy it was a pitiful site watching me honestly rate my behavior to said values. The SAME values I said I embrace. I don't know about the other ladies but with only 4 days in I've had at least two pretty awesome "aha" moments. Feels like I'm dusting the cobwebs off my life. So invigorating.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 3

What do you Value?

Today's exercise was a reprieve for me, although I have a sneaky suspicion this exercise is setting the stage for some harder, albeit enlightening, work :) The goal-make a list of my values and choose ten I feel most directly apply to me.

My Reset 10 (in no particular order):

*Health and Wellness
*Work Ethic

Honorable Mentions (I know, I know kinda cheating lol):
*TRAVEL-hopefully the 10 above will allow for more of this
*Public Service-ditto

I still feel some kind of way about my top ten..Should some things be combined??? Should I prioritize??? For now I'm just going to roll with what I have and adjust as needed **shrug**

'Til the next time..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 2

State of the Union:

Today's exercise was revealing to say the least. The objective was to take stock of my life in seven key areas by stating 1. I love ____ about this part of my life and 2. I hate _____ about this part of my life:

1. Lifestyle
2. Work
3. Education
4. Finances
5. Health
6. Family
7. Relationships

General consensus: Where/When did I turn left? At first glance I figured I had these seven areas in tight order..NOT. Ok, I figured I could use some work but actually writing in detail what I love and hate was eye opening. Never before had I sat down and taken stock of where I am versus where I want to be. In some areas of my life I was hard-pressed to find anything I really loved but could list a ton of things I hated. Actually lately what bothers me more than anything is my complacency. About three years ago, (what felt like) my entire life came crashing down around me and since then I haven't been able to quite get the pieces back together again. A "once bitten twice shy" sort of deal. Well, in all honestly things were never in place anyway because my life was constructed solely for the purpose and approval of others, namely my parents. My life went from neatly laid out plans-middle school, high school, college, career, marriage, kids-to a sort of stationary nomadic existence. Moving from one idea to the next hoping to find "me" in one of them. Somehow I've seemed to latch on to a few things I feel really define me but with no rhyme or reason. I am thankful for this exercise. I can't say I would have ever truly grasped the state of my life without it.Mostly I feel empowered in a way I've never been before.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 1

Personal Mantra:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us. Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

- Nelson Mandela, inaugural address, written by Marianne Williamson

Day 1 required I choose a notebook to use specifically for the Reset and choose a personal mantra for this journey...easy right...umm NO. Gosh, this assignment was harder than expected mostly because I'm a lover of words and can never pick ONE set that suite me. It doesn't help that I'm picky about the source and the context of quotes I choose to repeat. It seemed fitting to use a quote used by Nelson Mandela during such a transformative time in his life. As far as the notebook, I'm going with an old school notebook without the ring binder. So pumped up for this.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As the year end quickly approaches, most use this time to relax with friends and family during the holidays, coast at work until Christmas break or take that one last vacation. Lucky for me I am taking part in the "31 Days to Reset Your Life Challenge" at The creator of the site, Rosetta Thurman, has given an open invitation to anyone willing to commit to 31 daily exercises meant to jumpstart "your personal transformation for 2011". From December 1st through the 31st, I will be posting daily my reflections, struggles and triumphs as I navigate my way through the various exercises. Can't wait to end this year with a bang!