Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 4

Are you acting in accordance with your values??

Whoa, there is nothing like being confronted with what you SAY versus what you DO. Actually I don't mind being called out on my "ish" and if it is coming from a genuine place I encourage it. Well today was one of those days. The goal: on a scale from 1-10 (with 10 being in complete accordance) rate how my actions line-up with my values. Also, the exercise required I list at least three things I am currently doing or could do to ensure my actions and values align. So here goes:

1.Meditation-Keeps my mind from wandering, captures my thoughts
2.Stopped worrying-Focus on present and not what could/ might happen
3.Breathing exercises-Focus on the breath, keeps me from being easily distracted

1.Loving on myself by taking part in this challenge *thumbs up*
2.Refrain from making judgments of other people and/or their lifestyles
3.Verbally and physically express my gratitude for the people, places, things, animals etc. I love and/or have sacrificed for me
4.Keep loving on my hubby :)

1.Remain grateful
2.Expect the best
3.Choose Joy daily

1.Practice minimalism-see the infinite value in every possession
2.Embrace the idea that there is more than enough for everyone
3.Value all things, small or large, entrusted in me

*Health and Wellness-2
1.Keep Stress to minimum
2.Sleep well consistently
3.Drink 64 oz of water daily
4.Stay active
5.Eat a clean diet-as close to the Earth as possible
6.Stay balanced

1.Call/ visit regularly
2.Take care of myself as not to be a burden to anyone
3.Love them

*Disclaimer-my family situation is strained now to say the least. There seems to be so much baggage and "bad blood" that we barely even get together anymore. So I really struggled with this. Any guidance on how to really take hold of this value would be appreciated.

1.Call/ visit regularly
2.Be a friend first
3.Support them when they are down
4.Enjoy life with them

1.Search for my path
3.Be thankful

1.Learn Spanish fluently
2.Complete my master's degree within 4 years
3.Continue learning about hair structure, hair styles, ingredients in hair products
4.Research more about balanced diets, body chemistry and body structure

*Work Ethic
1.Spend time daily working towards my goals
2.Consistently give the best part of me to my independence
3.Work on my inconsistency

Verdict: I could do better. It was fun yesterday to write all these lovely, flowery words detailing my values but lordamercy it was a pitiful site watching me honestly rate my behavior to said values. The SAME values I said I embrace. I don't know about the other ladies but with only 4 days in I've had at least two pretty awesome "aha" moments. Feels like I'm dusting the cobwebs off my life. So invigorating.

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