Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 9


How did I know this was going to happen eventually-ACTION.

Today we were asked to complete one action that 1. Something we have been procrastinating about for a long time 2. Something that terrifies you 3. Something that inspires you.

I decided to reach out to a women I met a few weeks ago at a natural hair meet-up. She is very friendly, very hospitable, we share a lot in common and she has already invited me to various parties, concerts and events with her and her girlfriends. The issue, I have a very difficult time forming friendships and making connections with new people in general. I suppose you could say I'm shy but I'm also very aware of my social ineptness. She always makes it a point to invite me out when she is going out but I have not returned the favor mostly because I dread even the thought of a possible sounding like a dork during a phone call/night out. So today, I called her to discuss hair of course :) and the next natural hair meet-up. So how did it go??

It was..ok. The call did have a few pauses that were awkwardly lengthy and I stumbled over a few words but it felt good knowing I'm moving in the right direction. It may seem small but in my world this is a big step for me :) I'm proud of myself LOL


  1. That is wonderful sis!! It amazes me how some of the things that come natural to some are hard for others. That is why we must keep an open-mind and not be quick to judge others because we don't know their struggle. Proud of you!! Hope it all works out for ya.

  2. This is a great story & I'm glad you did your one thing! I have difficulty striking up new friendships as well, which is why I love social media. It gives you a starting point to connect with people offline, which I now do quite often. Thank you for sharing your journey :)

  3. That's really amazing that you were able to step out of your comfort zone and do something new! I struggle with the same social awkwardness sometimes and it's hard for me to branch out and meet new people. So thank you for sharing your story and giving me some inspiration to break out of my little bubble!

  4. Thanks ladies!!! You don't know how healing this is for me. Glad to have you all on this journey with me :)