Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 11

Eliminate a Limiting Belief

This will be a quick post, I have a holiday party to attend tonight and I want to look DYNAMITE! LOL

So this morning I signed up for the free program with Marty Lefkoe and decided to work on the belief "I'm not good enough". I thought the video was short, sweet and life changing. On some level I had already discovered on my own some of his principles yet hadn't brought them all full circle. This video allowed me to "connect the dots" and gain some confirmation on beliefs I had. This however was the first time I thought about my life in this way.

If you haven't completed this assignment I highly recommend you do so. Even though these assignments build on one another, if I had to suggest just one assignment so far this would be it.

Enjoy your evening folks...I plan to :)

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