Monday, December 27, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 24

Ask for Help or Offer Help

My Reset Project and overall focus for 2011 is health and fitness. It has been difficult to admit my inability to conquer unhealthy eating habits and the last thing I want to do is inconvienence someone else. Even when attempting to change my diet I would eat like the people around me just to go with the flow. If this meant everyone else wanted McDonalds, I would eat McDonalds not daring to eat a salad and draw attention to myself causing a relentless attack of diet questions..."Are you on a diet?", "How much weight are you trying to lose?" "If you want to lose weight I can get the Spam/Lemonade/Twinkie diet info from my cousin for you" :-/

My previous attempts to lose weight have always been done in secret avoiding any opportunity to be around people and food. This time is different because I'm practily broadcasting my journey and I have finally learned a more important lesson; how to trust myself and those that love me. Namely I asked papi to support me, prop me up when I feel weak, encourage me to make healthy decisions and hold me accountable when I make unhealthy choices.Of course I don't rely completely on him but deciding to tell anyone, let alone ask for help is completely out of character for me but incredibly freeing at the same time.

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