Friday, December 10, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 10

The Bucket List

I was excited to find out today's assignment was The Bucket List because I've always thought this would be fun! Check it out:

1.Travel to Thailand
2.Visit, and if allowed, stay at a Buddhist monastery
3.Visit British Columbia
4.Visit Quebec
5.Learn to speak Spanish and Mandarin fluently
6.Learn to cornrow
7.Live on a Caribbean Island
8.Travel to Europe
9.Learn to salsa dance
10.Create videos for my family and friends
11.Solidify my will and create trust funds for my favorite charities
12.Make peace with my parents
13.Finally have a "real" wedding lol
14.Visit Panama

Reviewing my "Bucket List" makes me rethink all my previous work on my values and Life Narrative. Given a 6 months timeline, all I could think was traveling and fully immersing myself God's creation.Everything else fell away-money, cars, homes even children.

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