Monday, December 6, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 6

Life Map

I was actually pretty siked this morning to complete my Life Map. I have to preface these next few sentences by saying that right before Thanksgiving my "Papi" and I completed separate and joint Life Maps. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are married, engaged or in a serious relationship that you and your Boo/Hubby/Papi/Sugarbear (whatever you have) do the same. Without the Life Map I doubt I would have learned that he wanted more *censored* during the week :) or that he couldn't care less if the kitchen was spotless all the time but would prefer I turn some of my cleaning time into cuddle time (yes, he helps around the house but currently I don't work and he has two jobs). For the most part I was pleasantly surprised our separate Maps were similar and consistent with things we had discussed previously. And since the dialogue was so open we spent a good three hours discussing everything which just made our relationship that much sweeter. Long story short, the Life Map has made me a believer!

But I digress....

Today, armed with my newly cemented values and personal mission statement I have a new take on the Life Map. I whipped out my previous map and adjusted accordingly.

*Lifestyle: No big changes here. Still want to travel 2X per year preferably somewhere hot with an nice beach lol. Dates twice weekly, family gatherings at least quarterly and church attendance at least monthly. Also, monthly I want to go to a concert, poetry slam, comedy club, sporting event or park.

*Work: This was hard before and still is. Since my immediate need it just to find employment it is hard for me to envision what I want. However since working on my values, I have a desire to take my finance background to the non-profit arena. This is still a new idea but I think it would give me a level of fulfillment I've never had before. Anyhoo...ultimately I want to be a business owner and a professor.

*Education: This is probably the most defined part of my Map. I've always got a lot of pleasure out of learning so I doubt I'll ever stop wanting more education. Now my major goals are to learn Spanish fluently, finish up my Account Masters and learn as much as I can about naturally curly/kinky/coiled hair (for no other reason than the fact that I'm hair obsessed). Later comes the PhD, on-site archaeology training and language courses in Mandarin. If I have time anywhere in there I would love to take some poetry, painting, yoga and writing course because they all sound fun.

*Finances: Awww...the bell of the ball, Finances. Lets just say daily this is an exercise in my "Abundance, Joy and Spirituality" values. When we get back to dual incomes we have an aggressive, yet balance portfolio for us to tackle. Luckily our debt is minimal so its all about saving. Our goal is financial independence within the next 10-15 years.

*Health: Again no major changes here although my focus has changed a bit. Previously I had these static figures for how much weight I wanted to lose and by what date, time, second...literally LOL Well now the focus is still on weightless but more overall health and things like my endurance, blood pressure and energy levels. As part of my Awareness value I added an "unplug day" per month-no TV, no computer, no iPhone, no extensive phone time.

*Family: As part of my family initiative I have added regular calls, visit and family gatherings. I need to do a better job of consistently reaching out to my family to at least speak. My family situation (at least my side of the family) is a little strained so I added a bullet point about researching how to overcome this.

*Relationships: Ummm...keep the one I got LOL No, seriously I don't ever want to get to the point where I take my Papi for granted. The few friends I have are awesome and the goal is to maintain and enrich these relationships. I did however add a bullet about building more relationships with people in my field.

Alright, that's all I have to give for today hahaha... see you guys tomorrow!

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