Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 17

Find a Good Therapist

Ok I'm late but I did want to pop and share my experience. Last year (when I had insurance lol) I met with a therapist weekly for talk therapy. Now I'm very supportive of seeking therapy but I don't think this form was productive for me. I eventually stopped meeting with her after she fell asleep during one of our session.. HOW RUDE :P From that brief experience I can say in those sessions I finally spoke about things I hadn't revisited for years. There were definitely some powerful moments in talking about these issues but not much healing.

When I finally get some insurance 'round these parts I fully intend to seek therapy again but most likely it will be some sort of cognitive behavioral therapy in combination to talk therapy to help me deal with some bad habits (read: overeating).And I have to say I did a poor job of finding the right therapist for me and just settled on the first one I met with-a huge NO NO. Next time I'll do my due diligence!

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