Monday, December 27, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 27

Start a Side Hustle

I just knew this would be one the assignments :) I'm excited but apprehensive about this all at the same time. I have almost zero entrepreneur skills and lack confidence when it comes to this sort of hustling. Besides I can't think of one skill I have that would justify any exchange of cash. I know I love learning about hair, learning Spanish and possibly coaching people on finding employment. The only issue is I have no formal training doing anyone's hair other than my own, I'm not fluent in Spanish and job coaching is only something I thought might be fun. I was thrilled to find out Rosetta would have a webinar to discuss the side hustle but unfortunately I'll be traveling at the time :( Hopefully there will a chance to check it out later. More details to come on the hustle...


  1. I used to think that I would never, ever, ever be an entrepreneur...until I became so dissatisfied with my job that I forced myself to start revising resumes as my side hustle. It took a few months for me to gain customers and confidence, but an entire year later...I am loving it! I am working entirely off client referrals, so don't even need to do any marketing at this point, unless I decide that I want to spend more of my time on my biz. Now that I've had the experience, I know that I don't want to do resumes forever, but I DO want become a certified life coach and career coach. This is the next service I'll offer in my biz.

    I feel pretty sure that you have more entrepreneurial muscles than you think, but you won't know until you get started flexing them.

    You could consult with women who want to go natural in exchange for money. Say, for $20 an hour? I'd totally pay that for somebody who could give me personalized advice and encouragement. Maybe show them a couple natural styles.

    I am not a "certified" resume writer, but I am still AWESOME at it. People will buy YOU and your QUALITY product - not your credentials.

    Just an idea... anyways. Good luck!

  2. Thank you SSSSOOOO much for your encouragement!!! These are some great ideas and just this comment makes me feel so much more confident in really entertaining this entrepreneural thing. :) Good Luck to you as well..don't be a stranger.