Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reset Your Life Day 18

Spice up your love life

If papi didn't have to work tonight and if I wasn't in and out of my NyQuil induced comas I would so be all over this! Since I probably will not do anything major today I've decided to share one of the most exciting experiences we've had to date in our relationship.

Picture it, it was a warm, balmy summer night LOL...ok,if you aren't a Golden Girls fan you won't get it. Anyway, papi was organizing some stuff on his computer when I spotted a XXX folder saved under his documents. Me being all nosey decided to push him to the side so I could check it out. I then asked him to play one of his favorite porns so I could watch it with him. After his face went from O_o to :), he finally turned it on. So I sat there critiquing the porn all non nonchalantly (oh, her hair is cute; I really like her lingerie, what about you?). About 5 minutes in papi loosened up a bit and actually started talking again! LOL Quickly his attention turned from the movie to me ;) and the rest if history. I think it turned him on to have me in a space generally reserved for guys. It was naughty and gave me some insight into the things he likes. Highly recommended. If you aren't into "traditional porn" there are plenty of DVDs out now that cater to women and are still hot, hot, hot! Check it out.

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