Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slipping, Falling, Gotta get up...

*photo by Trudi Simmonds*

Earlier in the week I touched on my difficulty balancing my health efforts with my new work responsibilities. I can say I have remained consistent in tracking my calories and working out at least a minimum of 10 minutes per day...but I've gone over my caloric limit twice just in this past week alone. What's worst is I can feel it! At the beginning of the week I felt energized, my face looked slimmer and my clothes just fit better. Now, although I'm still adhering to my plan for the most part, I have this bloated feeling and it shows in my face.

My goal is to do my absolute best to push myself but still have enough patience to know 1.Things aren't going to change instantly and 2.Understand I have started a new job so this in and of itself is a huge stressor simply because of the lifestyle change. Admittedly I'd like to think I have it all together but it scares me when old work habits sneak back in....

Like, COFFEE! Me and coffee have this thing. I can't explain it but having free coffee and flavored creamers at my disposal is not a good thing. In one day I went through 200 calories within an hour from my coffee/creamer combo. Wednesday I skipped breakfast...big NO NO. I was able to withstand the vending machine cravings but I overate at lunch and nearly blew my calorie budget for the day.

This week
I'm arming myself with pre-everything! LOL I'm deep treating my hair as I type this, veggies are cut up and baggied, there is an entire pan of baked chicken cooked and in the fridge, wheat pasta is cooked and tonight I'm making 8 salmon steaks to use during the week. To top it off my gym clothes are out and my work clothes are ironed and hanging in the closet.

I'm trying! Any suggestions?? I'd love to hear what you're doing to help make health and fitness a priority in your busy life.

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